Matteo Crotti

Matteo Crotti was born in Reggio Emilia in 1975. He began playing the guitar as a child, first as a self-taught, then following private lessons. Even the passion for manual activities was born immediately and naturally flows into the art of building musical instruments by combining his great passions, music and wood. His approach to lutherie began in 1997 when he attended the lutherie course organized by the province of Modena and by Maestro Roberto Masetti where Maestro Paolo Coriani teaches acoustic theory. He worked as a partner at the Masetti lutherie from 1999 to 2000 and subsequently continued his activity independently. In 2002 he attended the string instruments construction course at the Pieve di Cento school under the guidance of the Masters Lorenzo Frignani and Marcello Bellei. Since 2003 he has been attending and collaborating with Maestro Marco Piccinotti from whom he learns and refines construction and painting techniques.


Throughout his career he has built classical, acoustic, electric guitars, acoustic basses, mandolins, and stringed instruments. Currently he is mainly dedicated to the construction of stringed instruments and classical guitars and occasionally also acoustic guitars and acoustic basses, he also carries out repairs and assistance on all the aforementioned instruments He graduated from the "Frescobaldi di Ferrara" Conservatory in the three-year jazz guitar course in February 2012 and graduated in the two-year jazz guitar specialist course in April 2016 at the "Martini" Conservatory in Bologna. Lives and works in Reggio Emilia.




Second and fourth absolute prize with two violins in the category "Antiqued Instruments" International Competition of Violin Making "Città di Pisogne" 2010


First place overall in the “National Competition – Cello” category. Special jury prize (Uto Ughi) for acoustics with an antiqued violin


Absolute first prize in the “national competition – Viola” category