Marco Piccinotti

A violin maker with more than four decades of experience in the craft who, over the years, has done extensive research on bowed string instrument crafting, acoustics and restoration, and has studied the most prominent Italian violin makers of all times, ranging from the classical to the modern era.

Such a solid professional background has been crucial for creating and developing his own crafting and varnishing methods in addition to innovative and high performing set-up and sound adjustment solutions to meet every musician’s highest acoustic expectations.

For many years, he has been a teacher in the violin making schools of Milan and Parma and has been awarded many prizes in several major international competitions.



When it comes to making a bowed string instrument, Marco Piccinotti follows his own specific and personal crafting method that has its roots in the most prestigious Italian classical tradition. By doing so, he can constantly achieve the highest-level results, both acoustic and aesthetics, with all types of wood and with any model.

Musicians can also choose in advance their preferred sound profile, as well as model, type of wood and style of varnishing for their instruments.

Along with the regular full size bowed instruments, he also makes fractional size violins for very talented young kids, with the same level of quality in any detail of the full-size instruments.



All the parts of the set-up are designed by Marco Piccinotti and made exclusively for his personally crafted instruments and for those made by his assistants.

Thanks to a distinct sensitivity for acoustics and a deep knowledge of the complex
                            interactions among all the parts of the set-up, Marco Piccinotti can make each new, old or
                            antique instrument reach the top of its acoustic performance.


When restoration is needed, Marco Piccinotti can provide the most appropriate solution for any degree of damage or varnish retouch. A deep knowledge of advanced restoration methods and procedures ensures that any instrument can be restored back up to its optimal acoustic or aesthetic condition.


Strumenti antichi e antichi

Depending on availability, Marco Piccinotti also offers old and antique instruments from any period, as well as appraisal and consultancy services for the sale, purchase, repair and sound adjustment of such instruments.